General Education (QEP)

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Secondary Education Program
General Information on the Secondary Education Program
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Specialized Curriculum

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Fine Arts Core Education
From Kindergarten to Secondary V, Fine Arts Core Education allows students to adapt to 4...
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International Baccalaureate - Middle Years Program Icon
International Baccalaureate - Middle Years Program (IB-MYP)
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Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) Icon
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)
STEAM represents a multi-disciplinary initiative that promotes creativity and high levels...
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Sport-Études is a recognized sports concentration curriculum designed for the high...
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Français langue seconde, programme de base Icon
1-Français, programme de base (FSL)
The French as core program in secondary schools aims for a functional knowledge of the...
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Français, programme enrichi Icon
2-Français, programme enrichi (FSL-E)
The enriched program is aimed to meet the level of Français, langue d’enseignement...
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Français, langue d'enseignement Icon
3-Français, langue d'enseignement
This program is identical to the one taught in the Francophone sector. Priorities are the...
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Français langue seconde, international Icon
4-Français, international
This course is designed to prepare international or temporary students to continue their...
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Mathematics, Science & Technology

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Enriched Math, Science & Technology
General Information on the enriched Math, Science, & Technology Program
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Honours Math
The honours group follows an accelerated Math program to enable the students to enroll in...
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Robotics Icon
The robotics program introduces students to basic programming and hands-on building...
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Arts Education

Fine Arts Concentration Icon
Fine Arts Concentration
More information to come.
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Specialized Music Program
The Specialized Music Program provides your child with the opportunity to realize his/her...
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Personal & Social Development

Career Exploration Icon
Career Exploration
Students are placed for either a half or full day in a profession or trade of their...
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HOPS Program Icon
Hospital Opportunity Program (HOPS)
The Hospital Opportunity Program for Students provides an opportunity for Secondary V...
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Sexuality Education icon
Sexuality Education
Each student will receive age appropriate, and developmentally suitable information from...
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Sports Concentration Icon
Sports Concentration
The Sports Concentration program provides for a personalized daily schedule, daily study...
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Student Business Program Icon
Student Business Program
The program allows students to experience the business world through a week-long intensive...
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Compulsory Extra-Curricular Program Icon
Compulsory Extra-Curricular Program
More information on this program will be available soon
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EMSB Chorale Icon
EMSB Chorale
EMSB Chorale has a proud history of providing exceptional music and vocal training at a...
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Extra-Curricular Activities Icon
Extra-Curricular Activities
All elementary and secondary schools offer some form of additional learning opportunities...
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Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports
Intramural activities are organized recreational activities within the school.
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Resource Programs

STEP Program Icon
STEP Program
STEP has many functions. It coordinates and provides tutoring during the school day on a...
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Work-Oriented Training Pathway (WOTP) Icon
Work-Oriented Training Pathway (WOTP)
Secondary students spend three days per week in class and two days in a work-study program
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