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Standup comic Jeffrey Weinstein

Standup comic Jeffrey Weinstein
Montreal - Friday, February 23, 2024

Being diagnosed late in life on the Autism Spectrum served as motivation to perform

Jeffrey Weinstein, 64, is not your average standup comedian.

It was only in December 2022 that Weinstein was diagnosed as being on the  Autism Spectrum. “This has been a critical part of my path and journey in life coming to terms with all the trauma and setbacks I suffered as a youth and young and then later a middle-aged adult,” he says. “Having the potential, capability and education but being overlooked and not getting the merit or breaks I deserve because this form of disability got in the way of my progress, socially, and professionally. Not to mention difficulties on a personal level. I overcame and found comedy to express and come to terms with my past as an underachiever, but now overachieving in an artistic context in relation to all my known peers. I am seen as a type of unicorn, for some a fly in the anointment and for some a hilarious anomaly in the Montreal comedy community. For this syndrome of high functioning Autism, there is still not enough public and government support.”

Weinstein will be producing his next comedy show on  Sat. night March 2 (8 pm) at  Café Evee at 1251 St. Zotique Street East in Rosemount. He will headline while former   Walter Lyng serves as host.  

Admission is pay as you wish upon entry. For more details check the Comedians of Montreal Facebook page :