Promoting inclusion and mental well-being | Promouvoir l’inclusion et le mieux-être mental

inspiration image Inspirations: Promoting inclusion and mental well-being, is the hub of special needs news in the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas. A non-profit sponsored in part and produced by the English Montreal School Board—Quebec’s largest English school board and leader in catering to children and young adults with special needs— Inspirations is Montreal’s only English- language publication of its kind (with French-language content), with Montreal’s largest database of special needs resources.

Who's reading Inspirations?

Parents, caregivers, professionals, teachers, administrators, government officials and people with special needs.

What we do: We share uplifting success stories and timely advice, and the challenges and accomplishments of children and adults in the area of special needs.

In our 15th year, Inspirations is a grass-roots initiative that continues to grow and thrive due to the demand of many parents and the concern of the community-at-large. Inspirations' bi-annial publications, podcasts, social media, online articles and database of special needs resources are also educating the public-at-large, promoting awareness and breaking down barriers to inclusion

We thank the English Montreal School Board as well as all of our loyal and reputable advertisers and sponsors for their support (see our sponsors page!).

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