Promoting inclusion and mental well-being | Promouvoir l’inclusion et le mieux-être mental

Editor's Message 

mike-cohen-headshotWelcome to the Fall 2022 - Winter 2023 edition of Inspirations newspaper. Let me begin by thanking our management team of Wendy Singer, Kristin McNeill, Zülfiye Erdem and Mark Bergman and their cadre of contributors. This publication is a labour of love for all of us.

While focusing on the special needs community continues to be our main mandate, with this edition we are officially adding the subject of mental health and wellness to the agenda. Inspirations is published by the Marketing and Communications and Student Services departments of the English Montreal School Board. We are fortunate to be able to count on various experts in the areas of special needs, and now mental health as well.

Inspirations is produced very much thanks to the tremendous support of our sponsors and advertisers. Fashion icon Simon Chang continues to be the lead sponsor for our special needs component. We welcome like-minded sponsors that have a vested interest in both special needs and positive mental health.

In this wonderful edition you will read about the magnificent Fun Fashion for All Show at the Mackay Centre School, in which Simon Chang acted as fashion advisor. Simon is more than a mere sponsor. He has insisted on being an active player with our newspaper, visiting schools regularly, introducing his Difference Maker Award and a whole lot more.

Thanks as well to Henry Zavriyev, a young business owner whose Entrepreneurial Award continues to light up the lives of some innovative individuals in our community.

We welcome a new advertiser, MNA Elisabeth Prass, newly elected in D’Arcy McGee. Inspirations has special significance for her as the mom of an autistic child.

I am pleased to be a contributor to Inspirations as well via my Report from Parliament Hill, as well as restaurant and travel columns.

Happy reading everyone, and by all means continue to share your feedback.