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Book Review: Pace Ants gives everyone a special gift

Pace-Ants by Benjamin Lachapelle
Monday, December 19, 2022

by Roanne Weisman

Pace-Ants by Benjamin LachapelleReach higher than you ever imagined!

We commonly hear that patience is a virtue, but it is also an achievement: something to be learned and celebrated. In his charming and whimsical book Pace-Ants, Benjamin Lachapelle gives everyone a special gift. ‘Pace-ants’ are tiny and delightful creatures that look a bit like ants, but they are in fact devoted helpers. On every page, dozens of them work hard to help the animal heroes overcome challenges, frustrations, difficult emotions, tough relationships, even be brave enough to take a leap of faith. They also help with learning new things, especially the hard stuff!

Lachapelle, 20, of Mirabel, Quebec, is living proof of what can be achieved one day at a time; one exquisitely detailed drawing at a time; and one word a time. At age three, Lachapelle was diagnosed with autism. As he grew up, he developed a passion for drawing, painting and sculpting – and grew his talents. Now an author and illustrator of several children’s books, including How Tall is a Yeti? Lachapelle is the 2022 recipient of the Inspirations Entrepreneurial Award, sponsored by Henry Zavriyev.  

Lachapelle sends a profound message to children and their parents: Everyone needs pace-ants, and here are some good ways to grow them yourself:  Do things that make you calm and happy, dance, listen to music, create art, share love, go for a walk, sing some songs. He advises his readers to live in the moment, and not to worry about the past or the future. And above all, to be grateful for all the blessings in life. On every page, pace-ants show how to do all of these things, and so much more.

What is the opposite of pace-ants? Imp-pace-ants of course! Watch out for these creatures, which can lead to doing and saying things you might later regret. So ignore the imp-pace-ants. Keep your pace-ants close, feed and grow them, share them with others, and, with their help, you will reach higher than you ever imagined. There are no limits to what you will all be able to do together!

Benjamin Lachapelle has three signature styles of painting – Animalia, Extinction Protest Series and Ben’s World – which express his love for animals completely different ways.  His passion for animals is the singular focus of his work, which has been presented in numerous exhibitions and festivals. His books are available on Amazon, and his work can be found on; at Ben Animalia on Facebook: or @benanimalia via Instagram.