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Alouette an example of perseverance

Chandler Worthy
Montreal - Friday, December 9, 2022

by Jordan Stoopler

Much uncertainty clouded Chandler Worthy’s first seven years in professional football. The return specialist bounced around from practice to main-team rosters, was released outright on five separate occasions and dealt with his fair share of injuries. 

Now a regular in the Montreal Alouettes lineup, Worthy is able to put those rough patches into perspective. 

“It taught me to focus on what I can control,” said Worthy. “A lot of times, being cut from the team or getting injured are things out of my control. It’s just something that comes out of life. I chose not to let those moments bring me down, but instead focus on what I can control like studying, working hard, stretching and being a good teammate. I feel that I am the best just because even through those dark times, I kept working and believing.”

First signed by the Houston Texans of the NFL in 2015, Worthy dressed for all of three games before seeing his contract go unrenewed. He signed on with the New York Jets the following year, making it to the tail end of training camp before being one of the team’s final roster cuts. 

“After I had made it to the the NFL, I was making a bunch of money, but I was the most depressed I had ever been,” said Worthy. “I didn’t have a purpose. I had worked my whole life and sacrificed everything to get to that pinnacle, but it didn’t bring me satisfaction.”

Worthy joined the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL) in 2017, only to be used sparingly as he dealt with a recurring ankle injury. In all, Worthy was released from the Argonauts organization four times, including for the final time in May 2022, only to be picked up by the Alouettes two days later. Chandler Worthy (middle) chats with James Lyng High School Secondary II students, Regan Vitale, left, and Daren Willson Taku Mbame on October 4. Photo: Mike Cohen

Chandler Worthy (middle) chats with James Lyng High School Secondary II students, Regan Vitale, left, and Daren Willson Taku Mbame on October 4. Photo: Mike Cohen

Worthy admits it was not always easy, almost quitting “four, five times,” but ultimately found the silver lining in each setback. 

“Even though I wasn’t playing much at the start of my career and things weren’t going the way I wanted them to, I just believed in my heart that if I stayed consistent and kept believing in myself, one day will be my day,” he said. “The beauty of going through those rough times is that it prepares you to be great when your moment does come. If you use those bad times as fuel to keep pushing you, you’ll go so much further than everybody else.”

Worthy is savouring the moment now in Montreal, all the while continuing to reflect upon the hardships of the past. 

“It is refreshing to have people who believe in you, but I also have to remember when I was at that low point,” said Worthy. “That’s the hunger that keeps driving this engine to never be satisfied. Even though I have had a couple of good returns, I have to do it again and again. Going through those bad times built that core value in me.”