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14 fun facts about Simon Chang

All about Simon Chang
Montreal - Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Simon receiving the Order of Canada with Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Jean-Daniel Lafond
in Quebec City in 2008. (Photo courtesy of Simon Chang)

Compiled By Wendy Singer

In the Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 edition of Inspirations, we featured an in-depth story about the Simon Chang Foundation for Change, our partnership with the Foundation, and the mission behind Chang’s philanthropic work. In this edition, we get to know our sponsor, the iconic Canadian fashion designer Simon Chang, in a more personal way. Here are 14 things you may not know about Mr. Chang!

  1. Simon is a multi-dimensional creative artist with a background in graphic design, photography, and illustration.
  2. When it comes to his foundation, the Simon Chang Foundation for Change, he uses creativity and imagination to bring positive change. Simon has been honoured with the Order of Canada and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for his outstanding philanthropic efforts and social engagements.
  3. Simon is a wanderer and an accidental tourist. He loves to walk and explore. He is more about the journey than the destination. He once walked from Nice to Monaco.
  4. Simon is an experimental cook with a passion for fashion plating. The appearance is just as important as the taste, hence the expression “a feast for the eyes.
  5. Simon loves kids. Children gravitate towards him, and he truly loves their innocence and spontaneity. Perhaps he connects with them because he is still a big kid at heart. Simon believes children are our future and if we teach them well, they will lead the way.
  6. Simon is passionate about music and has a diverse soundtrack. His media players are always on shuffle and he loves to pump up the volume, both in music and in life. For Simon, music sets the mood but the lyrics tell the story. While he’s into all kinds of music, he loves Broadway musicals, especially A Chorus Line and its song, “What I did for love” as it reflects his life’s passion: If I had to stop designing…How would I feel? It would be just like the lyrics of the song!” he said.
  7. Simon loves films (Hitchcock, musicals like My Fair Lady, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Gypsy, Funny Girl, Hair…) and relates to all the visual aspects of filmmaking. He is often inspired to reenact some of his favourite film moments in real life. Does life imitate art or art imitate life?
  8. Simon is a magician when it comes to accessorizing. It’s about creating illusion. He loves the magical effect of taking the simplest outfit and making it “wow.” He is quick to remind everyone that the best accessory of all is a smile.
  9. Simon is always camera-ready. Life is a big picture made up of millions of tiny pixels, and he loves to connect the dots. He is always optimistic …ready for his close-up and ready for any challenge life presents. This life philosophy keeps Simon self-assured and happy-go-lucky.
  10. Simon loves his own company. He is comfortable with solitude. The peacefulness frees his mind and keeps him very open. He is a singular thinker. It may appear egocentric to some but it is really just about being responsible for his own happiness.
  11. Simon has a “no excuse” exercise regime. He practices the “Five Tibetan Rites,” which some people call the fountain of youth because it is believed to increase your life force energy and improve your vitality.
  12. Simon loves the sound of wind chimes. For him, it stimulates a powerful sensation of a soothing breeze that cools his body and mind allowing him to feel calm and refreshed.
  13. Simon carries Tim Hortons’ gift cards and anonymously gives them away to people who are down on their luck. This began one holiday season several years ago but one day a homeless man said, “With this card, I have a reason to be in Tim’s and I can warm-up”... Simon now gives gift cards all year-round.
  14. Simon is launching a new website! Drop by to learn more.


    Exploring Montreal’s Jean Talon Market. (Photo, Etienne Béland / Agence Pickle Creative Inc.)
    Simon lends his knowledge to attendees at Le Dépôt in NDG where he spoke about food and eating healthily.
    On a visit to the Mackay Centre School in February 2020, Simon had fun creating with student Vincenzo.
    Simon posing with his first Nikon camera that he’s had since 1970. (Photo, Etienne Béland / Agence Pickle Creative Inc.)
    Simon treasures many quotes, here he is holding one of his personal favourites. (Photo, Etienne Béland / Agence Pickle Creative Inc.)