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Leaders on Wheels raise funds for the MCHF

Leaders on Wheels students
Montreal - Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Leaders on Wheels students and staff presented a cheque to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation and received recognition certificates from OSEEntreprendre at the Mackay Centre School on June 18.

By Wendy Singer

While the pandemic may have changed how the Leaders on Wheels, a group of students that attend the Mackay Centre School’s satellite class at Westmount High School, conduct their annual fundraising campaign, it most certainly did not stop them from working their magic.

Under the direction of teacher Rosemarie Sondola, the students and staff prepare their famous spice rubs, triple chocolate brownies and dog treats, and sell them to at school and to new and returning customers. While their outreach was quite limited this year due to pandemic-related restrictions, they still raised $1,545.00 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation (MCHF) at the McGill University Health Centre. The Leaders have raised over $17,000 since they began fundraising in 2014.

On Friday June 18, the Leaders gathered on the grounds of the Mackay Centre School in NDG to present their donation to Marie-Claude Baribeau, director, Special Events and Alessia Di Giorgio, senior advisor, Special Events at the MCHF. Baribeau was impressed by the Leaders’ creativity and their participation in and unwavering dedication to fundraising. “We have a special place in our hearts for the Leaders on Wheels at the Foundation. You don’t come across this type of passion often,” she said.

The Leaders were surprised to receive a special certificate from the government-run OSEEntreprendre Challenge that applauded their entrepreneurial spirit, especially during this most challenging year. Signed by Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, it read: “The flair, boldness, creativity and perseverance you have showed while completing this entrepreneurial project in the unique context of the 2020-21 school year are impressive and inspiring.”

Congratulations to all!


Sabrina Sinel, Rosemarie Sondola, Marie-Claude Baribeau and Alessia Di Giorgio celebrate
the Leaders on Wheels fundraising efforts at the Mackay Centre School on June 18.